List it….

Send me your list of likes.  Don’t you wish that life was this easy when meeting someone?  If we all had a list of our likes to hand out or to display to people that we meet we could save a lot of time:) .  Actually, what technology is taking away from most of us on social media is the face time that we need to get to know someone.  I say this but I love to read lists of what people like.  I would read an entire book of lists from people near and far, known and unknown, intellectual or just interesting.  This book would be my speed dating friend book.  Please someone construct this book and let me list it.

My list:

Fav book type:  historical fiction and science based fiction

Fav books:  Stones from the River by Ursela Hegi, She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Fav color:  I cannot pick one color, I like colorful things.  Browns can be left off the list

Fav season:  Summer

Fav ice cream:  Dark Chocolate Brownie

Fav drink:  Green iced tea

Fav song:  Send me a River by the Cottars

Fav singer:  Barbra Streisand, Adele, Karen Carpenter

Fav pizza:  Pizza Oven, Canton, Ohio ……supreme

Fav Netflix show:  Orange is the New Black

Fav TV show that I think I should not love:  Dexter

Fav states:  Ohio and Texas

Fav pastime:  being outside riding a bike, playing a sport, swimming

Fav snack:  Kettle cooked chips with swiss cheese slice melted on it, try it!

Fav milk:  Chocolate in the little carton

Fav dressing style:  Comfortable jeans, cotton tops

Fav pen ink color:  BLACK

Fav sports teams:  Cleveland Browns, Indians, Cavaliers

Fav tree:  palm trees

Fav pet:  Hypoallergenic Dogs

Fav gambling game:  Penny slots

Fav underwear:  Cotton with material:)

Fav holiday:  Christmas month

Fav type of student to teach:  Middle schooler who gets the jokes in life and who tries

Fav subject to teach:  Life Science/Biology

Fav computer:  MACbook

Fav alcohol drink:  Corona or a fun drink with a sweet flair

Fav food type:  Real Italian

Fav restaurant Ohio:  Luigis, Akron, Ohio, ravioli with red sauce, salad with the mound of cheese please

Fav restaurant Texas:  Lupe Tortilla, beef fajitas, I have never ordered anything else there

Fav movie:  Titanic

Fav car:  VW Beetle, on my 4th one, I cannot drive another car yet….