Books for everyone

I have been reading a lot. I have the time being in quarantine. August is almost here and the question is what happens to the opening of schools. All schools. What is the answer going to be? I nor my teaching friends have been asked our opinions so I might as well keep on reading as the time clock ticks down to when we go back into the non-ventilated germ infested schools! Do you think that every school has been sanitized? I keep reading because this last question will never be answered!

  • Trilogy, The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, A Closed and Command Orbit, and Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers. 4 stars. Each book is set in space and each talks about a different aspect of the characters that are introduced in book one. I enjoyed each book and like the aspect that the story does not just continue but sends you to different aspects of the same universe.
  • Trilogy, Countdown, Revolution, and Anthem. 4 stars each. No need to read these in order. I read the third one first. Each takes a period of time, the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s and tells a story of that decades most interesting happenings using music and showing pictures that backup the history used in each decade. These are found in the young YA section and I believe they should be put in YA and or adult. I loved this trilogy.
  • News of the World, if you live in Texas and are interested in Texas history or history of our country in general this book is the one to read. 4 stars
  • Meet Me in Monaco, historical novel that puts Princess Grace, Grace Kelly into the story of a young woman who wants her perfume shoppe to be remembered. You will want to learn more about the first U.S. princess and Monaco. 4 stars
  • The House of Styx, ARC, to be released soon, this sci-fi novel takes place on Venus. Forget Mars because Venus with its sulfuric atmosphere and its violent storms make this read very different and has Venus as a sub character that takes the lives of some and makes the lives of others that live in it’s atmosphere work to stay alive. Characters in this book range from a female leader of a family, to a son with Down’s syndrome, to another son who is finding his gender identity. 3 stars
  • Magic for Liars, one sister has magic , the other does not. A death takes place and both sisters are thrown together to find out who did the splitting kill! 4 stars
  • The Farm, young women are paid to be surrogates for the rich, for the women who cannot have their own children, and for the women who have waited too long to carry. The Farm takes care of everything but is this ethical usage of other women’s bodies worth giving up a child that for nine month’s was part of their bodies? 3.5 stars
  • Same author, Lisa See, loved both, The Island of Sea Women and The Tea Girl of Mockingbird Lane. Both take you into the lives of women of districts of China. The Sea Women dive for their families while the men take care of their children while in the Tea Girl, you follow the life of a young girl who has been adopted who eventually finds her birth mother who is a tea seller in China. Both of these books tell the story of how women in China are the ones who do the work and who carry on the traditions that were handed down to them. Their stories follow their past generational makeup and take you to the present day. Loved both of these books. 5 stars each
  • Time travel, two books, Oona out of Order by Margarita Montimore and Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen. I love time travel novels. Oona is turning 18 and when the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31. She suddently wakes up to be in another time in her life. This book is a different aspect of time travel and I loved it. Every year Oona awakens to be in another year that are not in order of her life. Mike Chen’s time travel book takes place in the future and the main character gets stuck in the past and cannot seem to return to his time. Also like this different take on time travel. 4.5 stars/3.5 stars
  • Did not care for, The Knockout Queen, liked the premise of a too tall girl and a gay boy becoming friends because they are ‘misfits’. Did not like it in that each of these go through so many things that are in the news today that it became a cliche every time something happened or was suggested. Also no student gets a full ride to college and achieves a PHD in the time that one of these characters accomplishes. 3 stars from me. I do like the cover though! 2.5 stars

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