SUMMER – 2020

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COVID came to visit. This school year ended in a different way. But thanks to our school being able to change we went online and we were able to continue to learn until the end of the school year.

Guess what?

I love teaching online and some of the students continued to learn as they did in the classroom, some did better with no distractions, and some became lazier. What does it all come down to? Parents!

I noticed that the kids that did well in the class room setting just learned as they always have. Some parents decided that they would join in while we learned because I guess they do not realize that their child can handle school on their own. Some student’s parents just let them do as they could and that’s all right too. I have noticed that there are two types of parents. The parents who trust their kid and the teachers and know that their child will learn and perform without them. Yes, they will make mistakes, but that is the part of learning that needs to be experienced. Other parents cannot let go and they think that their child is not capable of learning without a guiding hand right next to them at all times. It is hard to let your child go but they learn so much more when they have to do the little things on their own.

I loved teaching online and that may be the future. Yes we need human contact and playing outside and showing your kids the world around them is everyone’s job. I have noticed through this all that parents have either loved this time with their kids at their sides while they also work or they cannot seem to handle that Me the teacher is not the babysitter of their child. I am there to find the extras that fill in the learning gaps to help all in the teaching of “our” kids.

COVID, you are not welcome but you may have changed our way of learning!



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