I may have a job?

As of May 25th I am still interviewing and I am hopeful that one of these schools will hire me to teach.  What makes me laugh when I come home from an interview is that they all ask the same questions:  Tell us about yourself.  How do you keep order in your class?  How do you work with other teachers?  Why do you like to teach?

I can talk and talk and I answer as well as I can and it still amazes me how they choose their candidate for the job.  I think that we should be able to take in a teacher that we have worked with to aid in our interviews.  Who is going to go into an interview and not say good things about themselves?  I can teach, I have past students that can attest to this.  What happens will happen.

I have 3 interviews in the next four days and I hope that I can keep it straight to whom I have answered with!  I’m hoping that I don’t get anyone mixed up.  I have looked at all of their websites and have investigated their schools.  Will it be enough?  One school puts their middle schoolers into “houses” like in Harry Potter.  I kind of like this idea but if I get the house with the banner that does not agree with me what will I do?;)

I have one of my interviews on Monday which is Memorial Day.  Now this is a dedicated school!  I’m ok with going in on that day.  I have had a good vacation year so going in on Monday will seem like no big deal to me.  What I wonder is if this school is day crazy and they work on days that the average teacher has always had off.  Hey, I became a teacher to have my summers off.  Do not let any teacher fool you when they say that they hate summer.  We need that break and the kids need that break as much as we do.  It’s human nature, we all need our own time and space.

I will soon know what I will be doing come August of 2018.  I am ready to teach again and I hope that I have somewhere to do that.  Time will tell and I will tell you.IMG_4477

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