Chapter 9 – Two is always better than one.

Everything that I write in here is true.  I may embellish things a little to make you laugh or to make you think, but deep down everything that I have observed or experienced is true.

That being said, you now have to hear and experience a happening that of course I was part of, again.  People sometimes tell ask me, ” How do all of these things happen to you?”  I tell them, “I have no idea, but I’m glad that they have.  It makes my life exciting.”

First off this occurrence happened  when I was in my second year of teaching at St. Mary’s in League City.  To also get a better background of who takes part in this story I will need to explain about my principal at that time.

Principal M as we will call her, had only been a principal for one semester when I started teaching at St. Mary’s.  She allowed the teachers to teach with their own flair but some of her administrative habits as I will call them were a bit odd.  When you are a principal you really cannot expect to be friends with your teachers because like it or not you are their boss.  You should have teacher meetings that contain important items that will enhance the school environment.  You shouldn’t have meetings that include an explanation on how we will be voting on the day of choice for that year’s Christmas room parties by telling the teachers who are listening directions to move to the left side of the room if you vote for Thursday or move to the right side of the room if you vote for Friday.  Of course it was me who moved first.  I thought that the explanation was over and believe me it was, I was listening so I preceded to move to the left side of the room.  As I moved to the Thursday side and half way there the principal yelled, “Where are you going?  Sit your butt down!”.  No this really happened in a teacher meeting.  I went back, she explained once more about the move and vote procedure, I stayed put thinking that I would now wait for another teacher to take the lead.  Steve the history teacher moved to the Thursday side and he too was told to go back.  Yes, laughter then could not be held back and she then decided to take a vote by hand.  What was that all about anyway?  We teachers had a good laugh about that meeting for weeks.

So to a fault I will admit that I laugh at almost everything.  There was the time in high school when I got kicked out of the library after being told by a friend that her obese cat had fallen off of their TV the previous night.  I wasn’t laughing with my friends that hard about the cat fall but when the librarian came over ask us what we were laughing too loudly about none of us could talk.  We just laughed louder.  Well the laughing just got worse and laughing tears started and my library card was taken away.

There was a time in high school when our choir director was yelling at all of us because we were not performing to his liking.  He was yelling, others were seriously listening and my shoulders were shaking and were almost giving my laughter away.  I never could take teachers yelling at me seriously.

There was another time at an 8th grade “graduation” ceremony of one of my classes in which I was sitting in the second row of pews, sitting front and center of the priest and families and bad off key singing set my friend and I off into a reoccurring laugh fest that caused me to have to throw every piece of clothing into the hamper when i got home because of it being wet from laugh sweat.  If you have never been able to stop laughing in a situation in which you know you shouldn’t continue to laugh it is terrible.  Funny, but terrible.

So we now need to get back to understanding the setting of being a teacher under Principal M and my laugh being tortured by her actions and thoughts about teaching.  Believe me when I say that I could write an entire book about this.

There is one occurrence that happened with Principal M that I now need to relate to you.

It was the spring semester and we were just a couple of weeks away from Spring Break.  I was called into the principal’s office for a reason that I cannot remember but I know that it wasn’t of any great misgiving on my teaching or working attitude.  The principal asked me about ideas on some said subject and that was that.  No problem so let’s go home.  It was the end of the school day and everyone had gone home except for the principal and I.  I do remember adding that she looked tired and that Spring Break was right around the corner.  Well I should not have been so caring in saying that because that was when she got up, shut her office door, sat back down and told me quietly that something was bothering her and she wanted to tell me about it.

Oh no! Oh no, no, no.  I need to go home I thought to myself.  But she started with this statement, “I’m going to tell you something but no one can know about it other than you, me and the secretary.”  I grabbed on to the armrests of the chair in which I was sitting and said, “Oh, OK.  Go ahead.”

She goes on to say, “You see the diocese wants me to interview this certain person for the math position in middle school but I do not want to do it but if I don’t then I could legally be in trouble.”

The wheels in my head are now turning.  Who could this person be?  Principal M was always using the legal word at teacher’s meetings so I was used to thinking I was working under the FBI, but why didn’t she want to interview them?

I then asked, “Well who is this person?”  In my head I’m thinking that its either some sort of celebrity who now wants to teach or its a convict!  I’m sorry but who else could it be?  Either way I was fine with it because I was going to make a new friend who was going to be in some way interesting.  This does not happen often in teaching.  I was about to hit the teacher friend jackpot!

After asking who this person was maybe two or three times, hey I needed to know, so quit the suspense she finally said, “You do not understand.  I do not think that the kids could learn correctly from this person.  I just don’t think that I can allow them to work here.”

By this time I have it set in my head that it is definitely some sort of celebrity/athlete that is going to teach next to me and we may even end up having a reality teaching show!

I get back to my reality and she says this statement with a very long pause in between some words, “You don’t understand, this person………..(this is the long pause)……………..has two heads.  Come here, let me show you.”

I paused and let that sink in and then I went around her desk and she showed me a picture online of Brittany and Abby the conjoined twins.

Honestly, I looked at her and said, “Oh I’ve seen them before.  Interview them, do they know math?”

She then tells me that she is afraid that the students could not handle their situation!  What?!

I told her, “Kids are the best at looking at people for who they are.  Yes, they would have a lot of questions but kids adapt to anything.  I think that its fascinating and you should interview them.  God made them this way, why shouldn’t you interview them?”

I left that office , got into my car for my forty minute drive home I wanted to scream that I was going to teach with the most interesting teacher(s) ever!

Remember I was sworn to secrecy but that did not mean that I couldn’t convey what I had just heard to someone in Ohio!  That day of all days, no one was answering their phones.  Please Lord, let me be able to spread the good news that I’m going to teach beside Brittany and Abby.

For about three long weeks I had to live with this secret.  During that entire time I also kept thinking, this is stupid, why is this a secret?

One evening I then received a phone call from my teaching friend Margaret and she asked me in a kind of code if I had heard what she had heard?  Now Margaret was a good friend so I said, “You tell me first and then I will tell you if we have the same story.”  Yes, Margaret heard the secret news also.

Everyday from then on at lunch we would “secretly” talk about our possible new teacher friends and better yet we would wonder if we were the only two that knew or if everyone else was also being tested.  Honestly, we maybe thought that it was a test to see if any teacher would cave in.  It was like we were being tested once again to be FBI agents at a Catholic school.

Weeks passed and it was killing us on whether they had interviewed Brittany and Abby for the math position.  Usually when a new teacher is being looked at we all see them at some point being given the tour of the school and they are introduced to teachers.  Did Margaret and I see this happening?  Nope, and believe me we were two teachers who paid attention to every activity in school.

About two months after all of this waiting we kind of gave up.   We thought maybe Brittany and Abby had decided that they did not want to move to Texas from Minnesota.  At the end of the school year we did break down to see if any other teachers knew about Brittany and Abby.  By their responses, Margaret and I really did believe that only we were told about this potential interview.

So summer began and Margaret calls me and tells me to turn on TLC.  Brittany and Abby did have a show on this station called – Abby and Brittany!  OK so I turned it on and the episode that was on was called, Spring Break, Here We Come.  This episode follows the girls to Texas for their Spring Break trip and it includes them getting ready to interview for a teaching job!  Well guess who they interviewed with?  Yes, St. Mary’s Catholic School.  The episode does not show the interview itself, although Margaret and I secretly wished it had shown you know who interviewing or introducing herself to them but being the sleuths that we are and with the help of our DVR pause buttons, they do show the girl’s writing a thank you to St. Mary’s Catholic School for the interview.  But wait, we never saw them in our school!

This broke our hearts.  When teachers are interviewed it is done at the school in which they will be teaching.  Why didn’t the diocese interview them like all of the rest of us teachers?  To this day I feel bad about how excited they were on that episode about their interview.  Watch it and now that you know this story you will feel the same way.

I would have loved to have taught with Brittany and Abby.  I have seen that they are successfully teaching back in Minnesota so good for them but better yet applause for the school who saw them for what they are; just two girls who wanted to use their college education to help others to learn.

I think that it is very sad that a school and a principal did not see these two girls as a regular interview for a math position.  Worse, I think it is just terrible that they hid these girls from touring our school and interacting with other teachers who would be teaching with them.  No other teacher was ever interviewed this way.  Once again Brittany and Abby I apologize on behalf of the teachers who wanted to meet both of you and were denied this.  The kids at St. Mary’s would have been proud to have you as teachers.

I will tell them this though, do not feel too bad.  When it was time for me to leave St. Mary’s because attendance was getting low, I was told by Principal M that I should start looking for a new teaching job as I was coming out of the teacher’s bathroom.  Yes, that happened.  So see Brittany and Abby , you really dodged a bullet.  Things do happen for a reason.  I also believe in that.

I have read up about Brittany and Abby and you can do so too.  They are conjoined dicephalus twins.  The chance of this happening is 1 in 40,000.  From this number there is a 1% chance of survival.   Brittany and Abby are a Living Miracle.  A religious school should have seen this without these numbers and they should have been hired.  They are amazing.  They drive, they play sports, they have different likes and dislikes.  Look them up and learn about their extraordinary life and their loving family.  Go do it now!





Chapter 8 – School is Fun(ny)!

I teach science.  Science words are to some middle school students a new language.  It always makes me laugh when I’m talking along in the classroom and the kids are writing the notes down or are hypnotically staring over my head when I say a word that may make them come to life.

Here is a list of those potential word alarms:  Hermaphrodite, sexual reproduction, Area 51, flagella, anus, and schist.

Now some of these words just make the kids giggle.  I love when I look out into the classroom and catch someone who cannot keep the laughter in.  Middle school kids think that certain words are funny.  To this day my own kids who are now 22 and 24 can crack up or at least they cannot keep a smile back when I say these 4 words to them, poo poo pee pee.  When they were little and in a bad mood I would always tell them that I could make them laugh and all I had to do was say those four words and they instantly came to life and the smiles came out.  These words do the same thing in the classroom.  Why?  I do not know but its always better to see someone smile.  Try it!

When I teach I like happiness in my classroom.  I always tell the students that things are funny so laugh about it.  I cannot tell you how many people tell me that I am a funny person.  Maybe I am but I do find humor in about everything.

I laugh when people fall, I laugh when people have funny mannerisms, I laugh at good and bad jokes, I have caught myself even laughing in church.  Laughing in a place where you are not supposed to laugh is the worst of all.  I seem to laugh even more then.  You cannot think bad of me because of this and you know why?  You cannot because God made me this way!

So now let’s go back to the laugh making science words.

Hermaphrodite –  When we start the Animal Kingdom section in 7th grade Life Science we start with the Phylum Porifera, the Sponges.  When I first mention the word hermaphrodite some think that it’s Aphrodite’s relative.  No really, some do!  I go on to explain that it means that the sponge is both male and female.  The kids then want to next talk about Sponge Bob.  That’s OK because now I know that I have their attention and I can now ruin their childhood.  We discuss why they think that a sponge has to be both male and female.  I then ask who does watch Sponge Bob.  Hands will go up in the air and then I tell them that Sponge Bob sometimes has female traits right?  Quietness will hit and then they get it.  Sponge Bob is a sponge and because the creators know that and they have learned their biology they have made him theatrically correct!  Kids get it now and they understand the word hermaphrodite.

Sexual Reproduction – Once we start talking about the sponges I settle them down and tell them that we now have to learn about the sexual reproduction of the sponge.  I tell them that we have to watch a video showing this and after saying this I have had kids that turn red from embarrassment.  Once I describe it and we also get past the words sperm and egg they are seasoned veterans in understanding the reproductive aspect of most animals.  They can even talk about most of it without cracking a smile.  Well maybe that does take a couple more sayings to stop the giggles.

Area 51 –  When I teach Astronomy in 6th grade I tell the kids that there is so much out there in the universe that we live in that we do not know half of its secrets.  Try explaining to an eleven year old how the astronomers know all that they do and how do they do it to prove it all exists.  We talk about all of the planets and how I will never go to Mars until there are proper bathrooms on that planet and on that two year flight.  We then talk about Area 51 and I explain to them that it is located in Nevada.  We watch a video on the great You Tube channel and they are in disbelief why no one is allowed there.  Why do I show them this?  I show them to help them to understand that there are mysteries here on Earth still as well as in outer space. Then I tell them, bye, have fun on Mars, I am staying here!  I scare them just a little and then I make them laugh.  It balances out the emotions very well.

Anus – Just like the word sperm, we all have to learn that anus is the technical word we now will use to anatomically describe the body part that releases waste in all animals.  Laughter abounds with this word.  They laugh until they learn that some animals, like the jellyfish, use their mouth as their anus.  The laughter stops, the wheels in their brains start turning and then the laughter may return or a gag reflux may be seen.  Nervous laughter is also laughter.  It happens.

Schist – This is simply a metamorphic rock.  It once was shale, pressure on this shale transforms this sedimentary rock into schist.  The problem with this rock is it’s name.  Say it the first time in front of the class and all heads pop up thinking that you, the Catholic Science Teacher just said the word sh_t!  So then I have to repeat the pronunciation again and I have to spell it out in front of them, S-C-H-I-S-T!  Schist!  Schist I did it again!  If you ever get to see a real piece of schist it is beautiful, its very sparkly and its just a pretty rock, you may even say that it is one nice piece of schist.

This rock leads us to the best schist story.  The kids that I teach are also funny.  I love that!!

So we were learning about rocks and minerals in the 6th grade at St. Mary’s.  I do it in a way where I get all of the rock and mineral specimens out, they then have to draw each rock or mineral and they have to describe every detail about that specimen.  They need to tell me its hardness, if it has a streak, does it have a smell, and some they even can lick.  You haven’t lived until you have licked a rock!

So we were on day two of our rock identification lab and the kids were talking and working and every time that someone would get to the schist I would hear bits of laughter.  Finally I told them that if they used the word schist correctly that was fine, even in pun form, but once they were out of my room and if another teacher heard them use it in an ugly manner well just do not use me as their excuse.  Think before you talk.

So the talk keeps going and finally I say to the class, “I cannot believe that no one has taught you anything about all of the rocks out there before me.”  From the center of the room comes the response from quick thinking Daniel, ” Mrs. LaBolt, they haven’t taught us Schist!”  I responded, “Used correctly, you get one point!”  See rocks are funny too!

Next we go to clean up and after everything is put back another student walks up to me and I notice that his side pant pockets are bulging full.  I ask, “Kieran, what is in your pockets?”.  Kieran replies, “Oh, I have a pocket full of Schist!”.  Once again, schist used correctly.

School is fun.  To this day I do not understand teachers who frown upon having laughter in their classroom.

I think God wants us to be happy everywhere, even in school.fullsizeoutput_16ab

Chapter 7 – Angels and Spirits, or maybe Ghosts?

I have never believed in ghosts.  I only watch scary movies with all of the lights on and I absolutely hate haunted houses.

I do like to watch Ghost Hunters on TV and I do believe that there are people out there who can see “dead people”.

My entire lookout on the paranormal all changed when I began teaching at St. Mary’s Catholic School in League City, Texas.

St. Mary’s Catholic School is located south of Houston, Texas just thirty miles north of the Gulf of Mexico.

I was called in to teach at St. Mary’s in the middle of the school year.  Luckily just before the students returned to school during Christmas Break, I was allowed to enter the school to prepare my classroom.  My daughter, who was a senior in high school at the time went with me to help.

Let me tell you this to begin.  My classroom at St. Mary’s was and still is to this day the best learning space for a middle school science teacher EVER.  Why?  First, it was located in the school’s attic.  This should have sent off an alarm but really it was spacious, there was no carpeting so that itself was great for the students to work and write on the floor with no hinderance for classroom projects.  Secondly, my room, get this, had its own room with a sink and a toilet.  Yes , I had my own bathroom.  Better yet, the students already knew that this bathroom was not to be used by them unless my throw up run rule came into play.  The room also had a storage room for the science supplies and an additional room behind my white board that ran the entire length of the room for school storage mainly of school uniforms.  Two more rooms came off of this storage room for furnace and water heater needs for the school.  I had windows that looked out into the street so we had plenty of sunlight and the stairs up to my room were carpeted so that when the students came or left it did not sound like an army was entering or exiting.  My 2nd floor science room at St. Mary’s was the best that a middle school science teacher could ask for.

So my daughter and I began setting up my new classroom.  The secretary that let us in had left and we were all alone.  Right now as I write this and if this was a movie this is where the people in the audience are thinking and maybe yelling, “Leave Now!”.

As we worked at putting together the bulletin boards my daughter told me that she did not like this room and that St. Mary’s was haunted.  To this day I remember her stating this to me in a very serious manner.  I also remember my reply of “It is not haunted Madison.  This is a Catholic School.  If anything, there are angels here with us.”

We finished what we needed to do and then we went downstairs to leave.  As we got to the first floor I told Madison that I would show her the rest of the school.  The problem with this was that only the security lights were illuminating the long windowless hallway that lead to the front office.  Madison did not want to walk down that hallway but we did. We went down towards the hallway that went past the school library which when looking inside was completely dark.  We looked into it and then decided to exit the school.  I would take her to see the school in its entirety at another time when the lights were on!

Looking back on this exit, I will tell you that I had an odd feeling of being watched and decided that we could skip the tour and leave.  I know that I was probably just being paranoid about what Madison had said about her feelings of the school being haunted.

I will tell you, the reader, this right now:  Whenever I was alone in my science classroom and especially if I was using my personal bathroom I had always heard sounds coming from the science supply room area.  I cannot tell you how many times that I would think that a teacher had ventured up to my room while I was using the bathroom and I would hurry to wash my hands in order to be able to catch and help or talk to the teacher who was probably searching for a science related tool in the supply room.  Two or three times I remember walking into that supply room and calling out that I was coming only to realize that no one was there.  I always thought that I was losing it or just hearing things when this happened.  It often happened.

About two months into teaching at St. Mary’s is when the Schist Hits the Fan.  (This is a geology pun if you are wondering.  I will explain this in Chapter 8.)

The students at St. Mary’s did not go directly into their classrooms when they arrived for school in the morning.  Students were dropped off or were escorted into the gymnasium/social hall/cafeteria which is disconnected from the main school.  All teachers also meet there and after the Pledge of Allegiance, daily prayers, and that day’s messages are relayed, the entire school population then moves on to the main school and to the student’s classrooms.

So one morning I was in my classroom bathroom and as I was washing my hands I heard a high pitched voice say, “Is anyone here?”.  I heard it as clear as day.  It sounded like a young girl, younger than a middle school aged girl, but it was a voice of a girl.  I finished up quickly and opened the bathroom door to see if a kid had snuck up to my room.  No one was there and then I thought to myself, wait, I did not hear anyone going down the stairs!  Believe me, no kid of any age can quietly go down stairs no matter if those stairs are carpeted or not!

I had a funny feeling and I ran, no I sprinted down and out of the school into the gymnasium where everyone was meeting for school to begin.  I went up to a few teachers and one asked me if everything was OK.  I must have had a weird look on my face.  I asked her if any kids were allowed or had asked to go into the main school that morning.  She asked why and I told her that I had just heard a little girl’s voice in my science room.  All three teachers standing there looked at each other and then the one teacher suggested that I talk to our religion teacher.  “Why?”, I asked.  They said, “Just go, she will tell you what you need to know.”  My answer in my head about this was the repeated phrase of OMG, OMG, OMG,OMG!!!!

I walked up to the religion teacher and quietly told her the same story of what I had heard that morning.  She told me to stay after the students were dismissed to class.  She had to tell me something. Once again, OMG, OMG,OMG, OMG!

The students left and she calmly told me that there were three people that “lived” up in my classroom.  One was an older man who they believed was a farmer named John.  Yes, ghosts have names!  There was an old lady who they could not pinpoint as to who she was and there was a little girl who “lived” in the bathroom.  She told me this with no problem in regarding that I probably did hear what I thought that I had heard!

So now I knew.  St. Mary’s was a haunted school and the main location of sightings and happenings were in my room.  Yay!

Now I am a believer in the paranormal but was every teacher in that school a believer?  Nope!  Once that they knew that I knew the school’s secret the teachers that believed and had experiences with the ghosts told me their stories.  Here are some of these stories:

Kelley:  The PE teacher had been upstairs many times and she said that John would make sounds for her when asked by her.  Her husband thought that she was crazy until one day he went upstairs with her.  Kelley calmly asked John to make a sound for her.  Oh, by the way she first said Hi to John and then introduced him to her husband.  She wanted John to know who he was and how he was related to her.  Her husband then heard an undisclosed sound that couldn’t be explained to be caused by anything else in that room, he then ran out and down and would never venture up there again.  Kelley is a believer!

Amy:  The PreK teacher was at St. Mary’s when they had a ghost hunter come in to check that status of St. Mary’s hauntings.  She told me that the ghost hunter had a divining rod that they use.  She said that it was just like the type that people used to detect water that would bend downward to locate that water.  She says that she watched that stick bend straight down towards the floor when the ghost hunter asked for the ghost to show proof of itself.  These “ghost locators” are the ones that received the ghost’s name as John.  They also determined the little girl’s presence but they could not get the old lady to work with them.  Amy also tells a story of preschoolers who would use the student bathroom directly under my room on the first floor of the school.  One day a little girl was told to go into one stall.  The little girl opened the stall door and came back to the teacher.  The teacher then asked her why she didn’t go in?  The little girl said, “because there is an old lady in there.”  The teacher kind of laughed and told her to go on in.  Meanwhile another little girl was listening to this conversation and walked over to the stall and looked in.  This little girl stated, “Its OK now, the old lady is gone.”  Remember how my daughter told me that the school was haunted?  I truly believe that younger kids feel, see, and know these paranormal happenings unlike us adults.  Children are believers; Amy is a believer!

Kim:  The school secretary told me of times when clocks would fly off of walls and of the time that the Xerox machine that used to be in the science room would spit out papers on its own.  Kim is a believer!

Lisa:  Now Lisa is another story.  Lisa is the most outgoing personality of anyone that I have ever worked with.  Lisa would listen to all of our ghost stories and happenings and would insist that we were just hearing things because our imaginations were working full throttle.  I told her to come upstairs to investigate.  She would laugh when I told her that I now said Good Morning to “my” ghost friends when I arrived each morning and that I told them that I would be back tomorrow or to have a good weekend if it was Friday.  I always told them also that I would be back.  I told her that I never believed in ghosts but that after all that I had heard and felt and had seen that I now believed.

One day Lisa did come up to investigate for herself.  She walked around the room and went into the bathroom.  Nothing.  I told her of the times that I had heard people in  the supply room.  She insisted that she was going in with no lights and I was to shut the door.  I would not do it.  She did it on her own while I stood outside in the classroom.  Nothing.  Then she asked me about the room behind the white board.  I told her, “Oh no, I do not go into there.  Its too scary!”.  She laughed at me and suggested that we go look.  I remember that we both left our cell phones on the desks outside of this room when I said that I would follow her in.  I was not going to lead.  We went into the left room that contains the furnace for the school.  We could not find a light in there so I went out to get on of our phones for a light source.  I took it in and Lisa looked around.  Nothing.  We closed that door and then went to look into the room on the far right side.  The door opened easily and Lisa said, “There is nothing in this room.  It feels different than that other room.”.   By the way I am behind her this entire time.  I’ll admit it, I was still spooked in this part of my room.  Don’t ask my why, I just always knew not to go into that section of rooms.  So as we came out of the second room we were about to go back into the main science room when I told Lisa, “Look, there is now a light on in that left heater room!”.   Remember, there was no light source that we could find when we went in there previously.  Lisa went to that door and she could not open it.  She looked at me and in a determined stance she opened it.  A light had been turned on!!  Lisa slammed that door shut and ran out into the main science room.  “OK, I believe now!”  Lisa never returned upstairs to visit.  Lisa, first not a believer, now a believer!

Nilda:  Our new Spanish teacher was working on her room on a summer day before the new school year began.  Just like when I was fixing my room when I first began teaching at St. Mary’s, once again only the safety lights were illuminating the external hallways.  Nilda said that she was walking down the hallway to leave out of the front and an older lady in a billowing skirt was walking and was heading towards the side exit door.  Nilda said that she knew it wasn’t a nun, remember nuns are missing in Catholic schools these days!  She said the older lady looked like an older farm lady.  She kept walking to where she could look at the side exit door and no one was there and better yet she never heard the door open or close.  Nilda had no idea at this time about the school’s ghosts just like me.  We told her all that we knew after she told us about her sighting.  Nilda is a believer!

I taught at St. Mary’s for two years.  During those two years I experienced many little feelings and witnessed and heard enough to make me a believer of ghosts, spirits, or whatever you want to call them.  Was I afraid to teach up there in the day?  No. Never. Remember I got to the point where I talked to my ghost friends to let them know that I knew that they existed.  They were letting me use their space.  We had an agreement!

Now going into that room at night was another experience.  I was never there often after dark but if I was at school after the sun set I was never in my room, I was downstairs for meetings or for the middle school “haunted” sleepover, I mean retreat!

Once a year I was told that the middle school students stayed overnight for our religious retreat and I was told that teachers also stayed.  I never said anything to the students about my ghost beliefs although some did relate stories that they had heard.  At these times when I heard them talking about the “little girl in the bathroom”, I would tell them that it was not true.  Yes I lied to students in a Catholic School setting!  I had to keep the calm of my environment people!

So once I was told about this overnight retreat what do you think I did?  Yes, I lied again!  I told my fellow middle school teachers that I could stay until 11 pm but then I had to leave because I had an appointment the next morning very early and because I lived forty minutes from St. Mary’s I could not stay the night.

Thank You Lord for allowing me to work with believers of Truth because they said that they understood and that it was fine if I left before the bewitching hour!  There was no way that I was going to sleep in that haunted school.

Just recently Kelley, Alex, and I, the middle school teachers met with the students who were now off to college that we had the first year that I taught at St. Mary’s when they were in the 8th grade.  We played kickball outside with them and then we all went inside with them and knowing that they were now at an age of maturity, Kelley and I started reminiscing about the ghosts of St. Mary’s.  All of the students ears perked up and told us to stop making up stories.  We told them that this was the truth.   They were appalled that we never told them.  I then told them, “Why do you think that I never spent the night at the retreats?!”  Those students are now believers.

So all of these stories had to do with the school but here is the best story of all.  This story about St. Mary’s “ghosts” truly made me a believer.

St. Mary’s had a priest that was the head priest for quite a long time.  For close to twenty years, Father Cargill was in charge with all of the St. Mary Church and School detail.  He passed away a few years before I attended anything at St. Mary’s but I was told this following story.  You may also become a believer.

Father Cargill was a priest that loved the Catholic Church and he also loved the school that helped to further the teaching of the Catholic religion to students at St. Marys.  After his death, St. Marys renamed the gymnasium/social hall to Cargill Hall.

Now I have already told you that when it comes to spirits and ghosts we have believers and we have nonbelievers.  The superintendent of the Catholic Diocese was an Irish born nun, yes a nun, that when told about our other occupants at St. Mary’s did not believe.  I can maybe understand her not believing in our three ghosts of the science room but I cannot believe that she did not believe in the following “spirit” sighting at St. Marys.

After Father Cargill passed away, another priest was assigned residency at St. Marys.  His name was Father Howard.  Father Howard is a younger priest and he believes.  He had told Sister Kivina that he often saw the spirit of Father Cargill on the altar with him during masses at St. Marys.

I believe this because I have been told the story of the day’s happenings when Father Cargill’s funeral was held at St. Marys.  The teachers who had taught under Father Cargill were allowed to leave school to attend his funeral.  The remaining teachers would look after the students for this time.  I was told that is was a perfectly beautiful sunny day until the funeral began.  As the funeral mass began, clouds appeared and rain began and a rush of wind blew through the church.  In the school at the same hour in which the funeral was taking place the school lights flickered and the power went off for that hour.  When the funeral mass ended and Father Cargill’s casket was taken outside, the blue skies reappeared and all was well.

Father Cargill was in residence at St. Mary’s for a long time and I truly believe that he wanted the St. Mary’s faithful to know that he was and still will be with them at mass.  When you hear this story, do you believe?  I do.  Sister Kivina still could not be persuaded about this sighting and happening.  I guess she needed to experience it to believe.  I did experience some of the happenings so I believe.  I understand her resistance.

So if you look up the definitions of a ghost, a spirit, and an angel this is what you will find:

A ghost is an apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifested to the living typically as a nebulous image.

A spirit is simply the synonym of the word ghost.

An angel is a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.

After looking at these definitions I believe that the three in the science room are ghosts, Father Cargill’s apparition is a spirit, and my guardian angel did not show itself but was always and is at my side.

I’m glad that John and the two other ghosts made my teaching experience at St. Marys a little more exciting but I’m OK with moving on and leaving them alone in their attic room.  Just so you know, that attic room is no longer used as a classroom anymore and the ghosts do not appear like they once did.  Maybe they just wanted their own room.  I can understand that!!  I can because I believe.

The pictures that I have posted were taken by me.  When I first had to go with just the stories that people shared with me I had the need to prove to myself that these entities did exist.  I wanted proof to show others.  I would sit at my desk and I would take pictures.  Some pictures would just be of an empty middle school science room but as I kept taking pictures at different times I ended up having a collection of proof on my phone.

Some pictures you see have orbs in them.  The best pictures of proof are the ones that show the “good” ghost showings versus the “bad” ghost showings that I felt were always in the bathroom, the supply room, and in the three rooms behind the white board.  You will notice that pictures taken out at the room towards the steps contain either the orbs or white ghostlike figures coming out of the ceiling lights.  If I pointed my camera behind me or at the bathroom there were always black configurations.  Look at the pictures that I have downloaded here and you can make up your mind in what you see.  You will either believe or you won’t.

Look at the picture of me standing in the room at night on one of the last days of school.  I did not want to go up there.  Some teachers made me go up with them.  We all waited together for something to show up or to make a sound.  Nothing happened.  The nonbelievers left and two of us remained.  All of a sudden I felt a cold temperature difference by my ankles and I told Amy, a believer, to hurry up and take a picture.  Look closely at my feet.  Do you see the spot of light to the left of my feet?  There was no light in there and no one had a flash light or any other source of light. You see it, I know that you do.

Yep, you are now a believer.