I love music.  It is December so my favorite radio station from Dallas has decided to go to playing all Christmas songs.  My favorite station in Houston has not done this and I am glad.  I like Christmas and Christmas music but we cannot overdo it.

I recently have found Sia’s new Christmas album and it has all new songs.  Thank you Sia.  I get tired of artists coming out with Christmas albums with all of the old songs just rearranged in a different key or manner.  I can sing Silver Bells in different ways too but I like the original.  Good job Sia, someone is trying to write new Christmas music.  Listen to it, you may like the new Christmas sound.

First of all…..

I am going to start this blog off on December1, 2017.  There is the difference that I possess, most people would start on January 1st but that is not how I think.  I have never made a New Year’s resolution and I am not going to start now.

I am currently writing a book/blog journal about my teaching and experience in the Catholic School system.  My book is titled A View from the Back Pew and I will be submitting chapters as soon as I can figure out how to upload that!  Maybe I will just retype it for you, we will see where December 2 takes us.

So today, December 1, 2017 I will be setting this blog up and then we take off on December 2.  Remember everything takes time and we all have more to do in this world other than sitting behind a computer.  Spend some time outside today and then come back at night and read away.  K!