Sunday Reading

I just finished The Bat by Joe Nesbo and let me tell you that finishing it brought on symptoms of anxiety to get to the end of it.  Like I stated in my Book of the Week section, I did give this book the 100 page reading rule.  Problem was that after the 100 pages I thought that I really “accepted” that I was going to enjoy figuring out who the killer was.  I liked the Australian folklore, I liked the little facts about some Australian animals, but the way that they story progressed and twisted with the stories of other characters and the unvoice of the female characters who ended up ALL dieing I could not wait to finish this book.  ( As you read this, yes I made up the word unvoice.)  I have read through other people’s comments on Litsy that this series gets better at book number four.  As I said on my review on Litsy, “if this book series takes off at book #4, then I may have to miss that flight”.  I have to say that I do like the main character Harry Hole.  I particularly love that you do not pronounce his name like the opening in an object, you pronounce it like Hoo-leh.  So now I know this and as I read I still pronounce his name in my head like HOLE.  His name is like Hermoine Granger, I think I have heard her name pronounced 10 different ways.  I think we read and pronounce as we wish, especially with names.  Thank goodness, Saoirse Ronan is an actress and not a character in a book.

I finished The Bat and then came the worst time for me.  What do I read next?  What type of book am I in the mood for?  I am trying to find a book for every member of my family for this Christmas so I have some books from the library that I am “testing” to make sure that I think that my book receiver will like my choice for them.  This test reading does not count as reading for me!  I deep down know that some of my family would hate the books that I like.  Christmas giving is terribly hard!  My choice when I decide will always be on my Book of the Week selection.  It will be up there soon.  I cannot stand to be bookless for too long after I have finished a book.

Tomorrow I will start publishing my book on here  that I am currently writing called The View from the Back Pew.  I have four chapters completed and I will be adding the chapters on here as I get them written.  I recently got nixed from the Catholic School System by a superintendent that was less than accommodating to teachers who actually teach.  I find it hard to believe that she mysteriously is not in her position as of August of this year.  That last sentence should be taken as a joke.  By the way, her disappearance is still a mystery.  Joe Nesbo, you need to get in touch with me, your next Harry Hole book can be named The Rat!



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